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Grown-Up Lunchbox

Fresh and takeout are two words that don't normally go together but Nori Sushi is challenging the status quo with new bento box offerings.

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On a Roll

Over the past 100 years, sushi has evolved into an edible art form. What was once a humble street food enjoyed with one’s hands in Japan, today, sushi is the height of sophisticated, elevated dining around the world.
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Sensational Seafood

Though we may dwell in the desert, far from the sea, resourceful chefs around town don’t let that stop them from creating exceedingly fresh fish dishes.

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Go Fish

Fall hook, line and sinker for ocean-fresh appetizers and breezy cocktails at these Valley seafood restaurants.
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Nori Sushi has a broad menu

Nori Sushi and Asian Kitchen, a new eatery at Desert Ridge Marketplace in northeast Phoenix, the fish comes grilled, dressed in creamy buttered sweet corn and ...
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Nori Sushi opens in north Scottsdale

If you've been to Nori Sushi in Phoenix (or West Hollywood), you have an idea of what to expect at the new Nori Sushi in Scottsdale....

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